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fellow judge paula abdul who has been a delight most of the time. >> it is exactly like old times which is both good and negative. there are times where i could cheerfully throttle here and there are times where i've had the best time of my life. she's just got to ability. she can be fantastic and the most annoying person in the world in the space of five seconds, but that's paula, but she's been great. i love having her on the show. >> you know what? what are you looking at? >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news. the news keeps coming tonight. wisdom martin now with the news edge at 11:00. high drama in the debt ceiling debate today, house republicans gathered the votes they needed after more than a day of delays, but no sooner did the bill pass the senate, the senate tabled it essentially putting speaker john boehner's house bill on ice. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is live on capitol hill.
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>> reporter: this collision course has been brewing for 24 hours now. the situation is this. the house of representatives today passed speaker john boehner's debt ceiling raised bill which includes a balanced budget amendment. just a few hours after that the united states senate controlled by democrats also went into action. they also went and then voted down boehner's bill. tonight republicans are creating a filibuster in the senate which is eventually going to have the senate leader reid's bill on hold. what that means is essentially we have deadlock tonight. we want you to listen to how both of these leaders reacted emotionally and quite frank angrily after these changes took place. >> i worked with the president since the beginning of this year to avoid income this spot. i have offered ideas -- being
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in this spot. i have offered ideas. i have negotiated. not one time did the administration ever put any plan on the table. all they would do was criticize what i put out there. >> for the first time in the history of our country unless there is a compromise where they accept my bill we're headed for economic disaster. >> reporter: if the debt ceiling is not raised by tuesday, august 2nd, treasury secretary timothy geithner says the united states for the first time will be in jeopardy of defaulting on its debt. president obama said just two weeks ago that he could not guarantee that things like social security and veterans checks would go out. the senate and the house are expected to be in session throughout the weekend. both sides say they want a compromise, but tonight both sides seem very far apart. >> tom, explain how the 14th amendment could come into play in regards to what the president could do in this debate. >> reporter: this has been getting a lot of attention the
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last couple days, wisdom. congressman jim clyburn came out the other day and basically is pointing to a little known and hardly ever used clause in the 14th amendment to the constitution. basically what it says is that the debt of the united states shall not be questioned. congressman clyburn is saying this. if the congress and senate will not act to raise this debt ceiling, that theoretically the president of the united states citing this clause in the 14th amendment on his own could go and raise the debt ceiling, but, you know, this is unchartered territory constitutionally. nobody really quite knows if the administration would be able to do that and frankly, the white house has been asked about this a lot over the past two days and did not seem to be a lot of appetite at 1600 pennsylvania avenue to go that route. what they want to see is the senate and the house to come together. the white house's term
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preferably under senator reid's bill, a $2.7 trillion bill to raise the debt ceiling, but right now the positions are retractible and it seems a little difficult as we stand here on this friday night to see how they get to tuesday with an agreement. >> unbelievable. i wish these two sides could get it together and figure this out. thank you, tom. imagine parking in a commuter lot taking the train to work to come back and find your vehicle on blocks and the tires gone. it's happened repeatedly in several virginia rail express lots in prince williams county. fox 5's audrey barnes is in the newsroom with what's going on? >> police say it's been going on since early july. these thieves are pretty brazen taking the tires and rims and leaving the cars on blocks in broad daylight. >> reporter: people parking their cars at the vre lot at jefferson davis highway and duff frizz road in duff frizz could see -- fum frizz road in dumfries could see -- dumfries
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road in dumfries could see where the latest thefts occurred thursday. the cars on blocks with no tire and rims are still there. >> i parked here this morning because i had a lot of bags and had to get off to work and i said i'm going to pray on it that it's still here when i get back. >> reporter: police say two vehicles were hit at this lot thursday. the thieves got away with more tan $3,000 worth of stolen tires -- than $3,000 worth of stolen tires, rims and stereo. police say the thieves got a stereo and all four tires from the car parked here. the only thing they left behind were the lug nuts. >> people park their cars here to go to work and the last thing you're thinking about is your car not being here when you get back. >> reporter: michael huntseff coming back to find the tires and rims missing off his escalade would ruin his day. he's now thinking twice about parking here. >> i've never had an issue over here, but it's something to give pause to, i'll be more cautious about. >> reporter: prince william county police say the larcenies
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are happening between 6:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. while vehicle owners are at work. >> it gets scary. maybe they should have more prince william police come up and patrol. they give enough tickets, though. >> reporter: police say they have increased patrols and will continue to monitor the lot. those thefts aren't just happening at the dumfries lot either. 12 tires and rim were stolen from three different vehicles in the vre parking garage on express drive in woodbridge july 15th. estimated loss, $13,000. if you see something suspicious, police say give them a call. caught on tape thieves breaking into two cars in montgomery county, a homeowner videotaping this break-in july 15th on fox valley drive in rockville. the suspect stole a credit card and tried to use it to buy gas. days later a man is seen breaking into a car on midvale
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road in kensington. this video was shot by a homeowner. police do not believe the thefts are related. norway mourns the victims of last week's attacks. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> loved ones gathered for the first funerals from those attacks today, the nor wreak wedge an flag at half staff for this -- norwegian flag at half staff for this teenager killed at the camp. the man who shoved the shaving cream filled pie at rupert murdoch was convicted today of harassment and assault. jonathan may balls testified before parliament over the phone hacking scandal and is scheduled for sentencing august 2nd. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. a cargo van slams ball a new york bus. it's caught on camera -- slams into a new york bus. it's caught on camera.
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the wall then smashed through a -- the bus then smashed through the walls of a mcdonald's. classified watergate testimony by richard nixon may soon be made public while historians sue to bring the documents out of secrecy. for one iraq war veteran a trip to the ballpark really paid off, how his big win will change his life. check out some of the other stories on our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. 
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it's been almost 10 years since the 9/11 terror attacks and tonight former president george w. bush is trying to set the record straight. remember this picture capturing moments after the president learned of the attack?
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well, mr. bush now says his apparent lack of reaction was a conscious decision to project acene of calm. the former president talked about his -- a sense of calm. the former president talked about his memories of that day for a national gee graphics documentary which will air next month. -- gee graphics documentary which will air next month -- geographics documentary which will air next month. nixon was interviewed in june, 1975, 10 months after resigning. historians sued to have the documents released saying the historical significance outweighs arguments for secrecy. a judge agreed, but the 297 page transcript won't be immediately available because the government has the chance to appeal. a military couple scores a home run during a visit to the ballpark. the big win that's changing their lives is coming up. gary? >> look, it's not going to be so hot for the weekend, but
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it's not going to change much. we'll have your full forecast coming up. stay with us. but first looks like men in china are getting in on the pole dance workout phenomenon. they say the exercise helps build strength and muscle in the arms, abs and upper body. sign-up for the classes are now available at several gyms in china. the cost is up to $1,200 for one year. no thanks, i'll stick with the regular gym workout, do it the hard way, no poles for me. how about you, gary? >> no poles for gary either. >> pole free. >> we'll be back in a minute. 
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here's a great story. a husband and wife are both serving in the air force and for fun they sometimes buy lottery tickets. the most three ever won is a scratchoff worth about 100 bucks, but their luck changed in a big way at a baseball game. as fox 5's beth parker shows us, they hit a home run. >> reporter: a sweet time for this staff -- a sweet ride for this staff sergeant. last time he road the metro. the first lady was on hand to honor the forces. he bought scratchoff tickets from a vending machine. as he and his buddy left the stadium.
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>> i was just scratching it and it was roughly right around this spot where i saw, i said one, win a million dollars. as soon as i won, it kissed the ground, stopped my friend and i'm like hey, i won a million dollars. you need to see this. >> reporter: you dropped to the ground. >> i was at home, had him take his buddy to the game. >> i called my wife. i sat down because i couldn't walk at the time. i said hey, i just won a million dollars. >> it rings. he said i won a million dollars, not hello, hi, how's your night, i won a million dollars. >> reporter: emily didn't think he'd joke about something like that. tim sent her the picture. that made it real. it also made for a restless night. >> i was up every hour for at least a half hour looking at the ticket to make sure it was real. >> reporter: he bought a gift for his pal at the game. >> i went to tiffany's and watch us a watch to commemorate winning. he was surprised and so was the guy behind the counter when i told him i'd take two of them. >> reporter: tim and emily are
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about to close on a house in maryland. >> about a month ago it was hard to afford a fence in the backyard for a dogs and now we can actually help out one of the shelters where we rescued one of our dogs. >> reporter: he plays the lottery of now and then. >> i think it's 90% luck. >> reporter: what's the other 10? >> fate maybe or blessing, a little mix of all of it. >> reporter: tim already has a redskins tattoo. he's pondering another and thinking that the washington nationals curly w might look pretty good. at the ballpark beth parker, fox 5 news. at&t putting the brakes on heavy smartphone data users and your gallon of gas will go a lot further in the future. laura evans is back with your fox 5 top five. >> first up tonight no. 5 breast cancer deaths are declining, but research from britain claims that is due to better treatment, not screenings. data was analyzed from six
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european countries. the countr findings suggest the early screenings aren't as important as improvement in treatment. at and t will start limiting speeds for the customer with unlimited data plans taking effect october 1st. at&t stopped signing up new customers for unlimited plans last year. high data users are accused of clogging the airwaves for everyone. no. 3, more bang for your buck at the tank. the white house struck a deal with several automakers to raise future fuel efficiency standards. the deal almost doubles fuel efficiency from 20 miles per gallon to about 54.5 miles per gallon. no. 2, prepare for some delays on metro this weekend. track work is scheduled for the red, orange, blue and yellow lines. work begins at 10:00 tonight. it will run through closing on sunday. it will add at least 20 minutes of your travel time. you have been warned. no. 1, the heat forcing d.c. trash collection crews to hit the
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streets early another win. they'll begin collections at 6 a.m. next week. you can put your trash and recyclables out at 6 p.m. the night before your scheduled pickup. we have other weather-related information on our main page at that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> all we are talking about sheet and we'll continue to talk about heat because -- is heat and we'll continue to talk about heat because gary is here and he's got more heat-heated news for us. >> not as hot as it has been. you weren't listening, were you? >> i of hanging on every word. >> -- i was hanging on every word. >> it's going to be 2 degrees cooler. i'm all about specifics. >> and you're very accurate. i stand corrected. >> slightly cooler but still hot and it's still hot out there tonight. temperature is hovering right around 90 degrees. we see the view of the capitol. in terms of highs today, record
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setting high temperatures, 104 reagan, dulles 103, bwi marshall 101, all of these record setting high temperatures. hottest july ever and we still have a couple days left in july, but we're still anticipating temperatures in the 90s next couple days. so that should keep us right in there. we're fairly confident in saying this one will go down in the record books. record highs today all three airports. you got to go back to 1997 when we had a day this hot here in national, 104 degrees, but believe it or not we were hotter this friday than last friday, but last friday felt hotter because we had more moisture in the air with those heat index values up around 120 or so. today the heat index values pretty outrageously crazy at 106, 107 but not nearly like last week. third day over 100 this july. this was the 12th day in a row with temperatures 90 degrees or higher. we've only had six days in july
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that have been lower than 90 degrees for a high temperature. so again hottest july on record coming our way. 96 tomorrow. that's a little cooler than today and it's going to be 8 degrees cooler than today. heat index should be bumping up around 100 degrees or so tomorrow afternoon. stay cool the best you can. a little cooler sunday, at least the trend is down. it will be just a little less humid on sunday. temperature right now 88 degrees, winds out of the northwest 9 miles per hour and the relative humidity 48%. 88 in the city, cooler in gaithersburg and frederick, heat index now still feels like 90 in the city, 97 for fredericksburg. we had thunderstorms north of us. they have basically fallen apart trying to get down here. we could use a little rain, too. there's a front that's kind of laying across the area. it will come through and at least it's going to trend our temperatures downward, okay? tropical storm don is now
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tropical depression don bringing very little rain. unfortunately down into texas where they could use it. lows tonight only down around 80, tomorrow 96, heat index around 100 again we trend for the lower to mid-90s for the next several days. don't see any 100s in our forecast for quite a while. stick around. lindsay is coming back with sports talking redskins. got
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good evening. i'm lindsay murphy. it is day two of redskins
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training camp. the players hit the field for the very first time. 90 players are allowed on rosters to start camp. about 60 were there today wearing only helmets, jerseys and shorts. among those working out today, all 12 of the redskins draft picks. this is mike shanahan's second year at the helm and he's made pretty big moves trading donovan mcnabb and albert haynesworth for future draft picks. he led the redskins to a 6-10 season last year. a lot it on the line this go round since mike shanahan has had time to bring in players he wants in the burgundy and gold. >> i've been doing this a long time and i put my reputation on these guys that they can play. what we have to do is get better in all different areas, our scheme, our coaches. what i mean by that is the difference between your first and second year is usually a big jump because your coaches have worked together for a year with the players. everybody knows what to expect,
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got people in the same direction or at least you hope. we will get better. >> speaking of getting better, here's hoping the skins top draft pick ryan kerrigan doesn't miss too much time. he had a bone bruise and hyperextended knee. kerrigan's mri was negative but he's expected to miss a couple days. three players were placed on the physically unable to perform list, laron landry because the skins want to evaluate his achille's and kareem moore and robert henson both recovering from knee surgeries. there were just two quarterbacks working out today, john beck, no. 3 and no. 2 ben shackle, an undrafted rookie from indiana. beck ran the first team offense and handled the vast majority of reps. offensive coordinator kyle shanahan believed the deal with qb rex grossman will be completed soon and he will battle back for the starting job. beck is enjoying his increased workload in the meantime. >> for me missing that time in the summer to be with the coaches and now having this week where i do get the
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majority of the reps i'm loving it because i want all those reps because that equals experience and that helps me win. i'm just happy i do have this opportunity to come in and compete. that's all you can ask for. >> let's go to baseball, nats hosting the mets, chin ming wong his first start since july of 2009. a base lit to left, justin turner -- hit to left, justin turner scores. pitcher dillon g. continues the damage off long. lucas dow dallas scores. long lasts four innings giving up -- dudas scores. long lasts four innings. yankees hit the field scoreless in the 2nd, mark reynolds facing burnett and reynoldss likes to do this often. this is gone, the o's up 2-0 and lead right now 4-1 in the
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9th. the mystics lost last night to the liberty. seconds remaining in this game tonight. the floater is up and good. the buzzer beater gives indiana the 61-59 win. the mystics fall to 3-14 on the season. we've got much more coming up from redskins camp tomorrow, but for now the news edge will be right back.
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